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January 7th, 2013

Winning, then losing, then winning at the BMM 3.2

First off, check out those ratings! I’ve had a bit of a bump in December on ICC, maybe a bit of luck as well, but I’ve broken 1500 (my “short-term” goal over a year ago, which permits me to buy a DGT chess board (which I bought already because I got impatient)), I’ve broken 1556.59 , ICC’s median standard rating, and if I keep it up, I’ll be kissing 1600 before too long. My trainer, IM Lazypawn, has stopped hurting my feelings for a while and thinks I’ve got another 300 points in me for 2013. Let’s see. In any case, it’s been a good 2012-2013 transition, and I feel like I’m starting to get better again, after plateauing around 1450 for way too long.

Anyway, today was round 5 of the 2013 Berlin Mannschaftsmeisterschaft, in which I’ve performed at a decent, but not spectacular level to date. I’m in the 10th Mannschaft (Klasse 3, Staffel 2) at my chess club, SC Kreuzberg, normally on board 5 (of 8). My team’s doing pretty well overall, considering our average rating of 1161 DWZ (about 1350 FIDE ELO, approximately), with 3 wins, 2 draws and a loss so far against generally much higher-rated teams.

Today’s home round was a played against the Serbo-Berlin club SK Dragojle Babic, and we walked away with a sweet 7:1 result. Dragojle Babic has an average 1523 DWZ rating, so no complaints from us.

My own game started out great, as my opponent botched the White side of the Caro-Kann, basically giving me the bishop pair for nothing in the Classical variation. Although I couldn’t find a decisive advantage, I was easily equalized, had good chances to win a pawn, and White was going to have to fight to pull a draw out of the position. Awesome.

But then I made a few bad decisions, maybe I got a little too confident, impatiently took the pawn that I’d been fighting for a tick too early, made some unnecessary calculation errors and soon found myself suddenly pretty much losing, 2 pawns down. Oh no!

But I kept at it, and found a tactical solution to a decisive material advantage (although it turns out that it wasn’t good enough – my opponent missed a chance to stay on top, but it was hard to find), played an imperfect but sufficient endgame and won the point.

Anyway, an instructive game, see my annotations in the embedded board below! Click e7 to see the board from Black’s perspective.

4 Responses to “Winning, then losing, then winning at the BMM 3.2”

  1. Carlo says:

    Hi Jeremy,
    I’m writing to you following the Paolo Casaschi’s suggestion: I’m building my chess club’s website and his pgn4web plugin will be used for showing games (the site is joomla-based).
    I find pgn4web is a well-engined stuff: it has a nice, modern look, got a lot of useful build-in features, etc.
    What I don’t like is the absence of both the coordinates and a board-flip button: I asked Casaschi for an update, but unfortunately he doesn’t like these features and won’t add’em.
    He advised me about your modification and suggested to contact you, so here I am :) asking you for some tips on how to place the coordinates (an example file would be very appreciated!).
    Moreover, what do you think about adding a flip button to the bar?
    As I told Casaschi, the buttons size could be easily reduced to make room, and the new button’s label could be the classic B/W square (upper half black, lower half white, upside-down colours if the board is flipped).
    I guess it’d be not so hard to implement -well, at least not for you!!
    If you plan to make such an update, please let me be informed (here again, tips and/or example files are VERY appreciated!!)

    look forward for your news, thanks in advance

    • Jeremy Bernstein says:

      Hi Carlo,

      If you download the pgn4web.js file from open-chess.org/pgn4web/pgn4web.js, you should be able to find my changes (search on BERNSTEIN) and see how the coordinates are implemented. I’m not planning to add a flip button, since this function is covered by clicking on the e7 field, but adding something like that should be fairly straightforward.

      • Carlo says:

        Hi Jeremy,
        just downloaded your js file. Thank you so much!
        I will implement the coordinates in turn, and give a try about the flip button. You’ll be informed about the result -if any :)

        Thank you again. Ciao!

      • Carlo says:

        Here again :)

        you were right, Jeremy: adding the flip button was straightforward!
        Now, thanks to your coordinates and the flip button, the plugin is just as I wanted it.

        If you want to see how the board looks, just write your email address, and I’ll send you the modified js file (our site won’t be online very soon)


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