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Postby Kevin Frayer » Wed Jun 23, 2010 7:40 pm

Peter C wrote:
Harvey Williamson wrote:
Kevin Frayer wrote:I give much more credence to posters that use their real names. It shows they are prepared to put their name behind their words. Some of the most venomous and contentious posters on other forums, do so under the cover of anonymity. Although I would be in favor of allowing postings under pseudonyms, I will also take what the poster says with a grain of salt.

We have something in common at last except I also ignore engines when the authors do not give their names. :)

Do you read books written by people using pseudonyms?


Yes of course, Peter. One of the most beloved American humorists Samuel Clemens, used the pen name Mark Twain. I do not have any problem with an author using a pseudonym, its just I am not so sure that these forum post raise to the level of publications. They are more like point and counter point, conversational musings. As I said, I am not completely against posters using pseudonyms, however when I discuss something with someone, it is nice to know whom one is talking to.

Using my real name as I do, has not been with out its pitfalls. Those that disagree with my opinions have come after me in the real world. But it also constrains me to say and do, only what I know to be true or obvious to any reasonable reader. Truth is the ultimate defense against libel.

Anonymity has its advantages and its disadvantages, the later being credibility.


Harvey, would you dismiss the novel Huckleberry Finn because the author did not reveal his real name. (yes we all know it now, but at that time in history his subject matter was explosive) Or the works of William Shakespeare, whom all experts agree was just a pen name. To this day we know not the great bards real identity.
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