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OpenChess Forum Rules

PostPosted: Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:26 am
by Jeremy Bernstein
OpenChess is dedicated to independent, open discussion about all topics in computer chess, including those which are controversial. Members are requested to be tolerant of one another's viewpoints. We do have a couple of little rules, though.

Members on OpenChess:
1. Are encouraged to use their real names when registering, although this isn't mandatory
2. May only have one account.

Messages on OpenChess:
1. Are, within reason, on the topic of computer chess (includes images)
2. Are not abusive in nature
3. Do not contain personal and/or libelous attacks on others (not restricted to forum members)
4. Are not flagrant promotional exhortations
5. Are not of questionable legal status
6. Are not exhortations to commit illegal acts.

Please observe the above, cooperate with the moderators, and enjoy your time here!