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Postby Augusto » Tue Jun 13, 2017 5:08 am

Hello everyone, I have a rather uncommon request for chess enthusiasts: the programming of a new version of chess as described on a novel published last year by me (currently it is only available in English), entitled Apotheosis - Romance of the End of the World.

The idea would be to build a playable model for testing purposes and to drag attention to this version from the chess community.

Its differences with the regular chess are:
1. It has a 10x10 board.
2. There is one new piece, of which each player will have two units: the archer (located between the horse and the bishop), which has the following properties:
2.1 The abiliy to move and capture pieces are separated abilities that cannot be performed at once.
2.2 It moves like the bishop, but only one step at a time.
2.3 In order to capture an enemy piece, the piece that is going to be captured must be located in any of the eight immediate squares that surround the archer.
2.3 Capturing an enemy piece will result in the piece being taken without the archer having to change its position.
3. The king grants a special ability to the rook and the horse, which can be used indefinitely as long as your king is on auto-check (when your king is within the attack range of any of your own pieces). The added special abilites are:
3.1 The rook can move toward any border in order to reapear in the opposite one (similar to what happens in Infinite chess). However, this movement is purely strategic and cannot be used to capture enemy pieces or to attack the enemy king.
3.2 The bishop can change its alignment by moving one step to the left or to the right. This ability also cannot be used to capture enemy pieces or to attack the enemy king.

NOTE: This variant is not to be confused with the 1984 Grand Chess, which, like many other variants, doesn't really have any new piece, but pieces that are combinations of existing ones or pieces with exagerated abilities that already exist in the traditional chess.

If anyone is interested in building this game, please let me know. Coverage from TV is guaranteed.
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