losing against Stockfish

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losing against Stockfish

Postby lucasart » Sun Jan 31, 2016 3:14 am

For fun, I just played a game against Stockfish. I wanted to know how much of it I could hold, without any cheating:
  • Time 15'+15", no takeback, no viewing of computer PV line, or even its evaluation, only the board was visible.
  • To give myself some advantage, Stockfish plays without any opening book, and I played with the white pieces.
Of course, I tried my best to play some solid and boring chess, and avoid any complication:
[White "lucas"]
[Black "Stockfish"]
[Result "0-1"]
[TimeControl "900+15"]

1. d4 e6 {-0.18/28 45s} 2. c4 {11s} Nf6 {-0.14/26 20s} 3. Nf3 {7.4s}
b6 {-0.09/26 13s} 4. Bg5 {12s} Be7 {-0.07/26 24s} 5. e3 {4.7s}
O-O {-0.05/28 34s} 6. Be2 {7.5s} Bb7 {-0.04/29 42s} 7. O-O {6.3s}
d5 {-0.09/31 25s} 8. Nc3 {11s} Nbd7 {-0.09/30 5.1s} 9. a3 {33s}
c5 {+0.12/25 14s} 10. cxd5 {9.4s} Nxd5 {+0.08/31 26s} 11. Bxe7 {19s}
Qxe7 {0.00/29 4.9s} 12. Rc1 {17s} Nxc3 {+0.08/30 27s} 13. Rxc3 {20s}
Rfd8 {+0.03/30 35s} 14. Qc2 {19s} a5 {+0.07/26 17s} 15. Rc1 {46s}
h6 {+0.16/27 25s} 16. dxc5 {35s} Nxc5 {+0.23/30 44s} 17. b4 {31s}
Be4 {+3.41/30 15s} 18. Qa2 {41s} axb4 {+5.50/28 28s} 19. Rc4 {32s}
Bd5 {+5.65/24 9.3s} 20. Qb2 {6.6s} bxa3 {+7.11/29 57s} 21. Qxb6 {104s}
Bxc4 {+14.89/27 36s} 22. Bxc4 {17s} Rdb8 {+15.37/25 9.2s} 0-1
The game losing blunder was here:
r2r2k1/1b2qpp1/1p2p2p/p1n5/8/P1R1PN2/1PQ1BPPP/2R3K1 w - - 0 17
It is so tempting and natural to play b4, kicking the knight away... But, Stockfish obliterated me in just two moves, after I played it:

17... Be4!
r2r2k1/4qpp1/1p2p2p/p1n5/1P2b3/P1R1PN2/2Q1BPPP/2R3K1 w - - 1 18
Hum... where does the queen go now ? There's no Bd3, and Qb2 loses (at least) the exchange, so Qa2 is what I played. Perhaps Qb2, losing the exchange, was the least of the worst, but I did not foresee Stockfish's next killer move...

18. Qa2 axb4!
r2r2k1/4qpp1/1p2p2p/2n5/1p2b3/P1R1PN2/Q3BPPP/2R3K1 w - - 0 19
Black threatens to push the pawn, white can't take the pawn, Rc3 is lost no matter what white plays. May as well play Rc4, hoping to consolidate a bit after losing the exchange...

19. Rc4 Bd5 20. Qb2 bxa3
r2r2k1/4qpp1/1p2p2p/2nb4/2R5/p3PN2/1Q2BPPP/2R3K1 w - - 0 21
OK, it's totally hopeless now. May as well do sepuku, and die like a samurai:

21. Qxb6 Bxc4 22. Bxc4 Rdb8
rr4k1/4qpp1/1Q2p2p/2n5/2B5/p3PN2/5PPP/2R3K1 w - - 1 23
OK, I resign...
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Re: losing against Stockfish

Postby Ognian_Mikov » Tue May 03, 2016 9:57 pm

Nice experiment, btw b4 looked so natural to me too I am also going straight to the trap :D. Would you fancy a game on playchess? I am a ~2040 rated player, we can try some quick time control (3+1 for example), if you are interested
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