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PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2015 10:58 am
by terrapene
it was supposedly the first win for stockfish in tcec super final (game 22), eval at +26.35 on move 61
and komodo was over +3.00 for some time, but fortutnately tcec win rules say +6.50
stockfish then blew it, and tcec draw rules came right after komodo spiked at 4.95 (high) down to 0.00
this must be disappointing

but it proves again that the tcec win rules are dodgey, as this could easily have been a gift point
too many trouble with traps, even with high scores wehn a perpetual is capable
just let them play to the end (checkmate), it won't take long

or the opposite might be true
with scores so high for a long time, the suedden 0.00 for 10 ply might be broken in a few more
if you let them play, you can always be surprized