TCEC9 stage 3, HOUDINI beats KOMODO

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TCEC9 stage 3, HOUDINI beats KOMODO

Postby terrapene » Sun Aug 28, 2016 12:07 am

you may wonder why i didn't report the third furlong completion at tcec9, stage3
well houdini won his final game to be in 2nd place even by tcec accounting standards

stockfish 29, houdini 26.5 (really 27), komodo 26 (really 25.5)

but i was waiting for first game of last quarter, houdini vs komodo

and houdini WON, putting an end to naysayers and corruptionists
so the tcec plan for komodo didn't work

now houdini is up by 1.5 pts in 2nd with 13 games to go
komodo is yesterdays news, too bad for so called 'defending' tcec champion
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