Chessengine in flames

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Chessengine in flames

Postby sandermvdb » Thu Sep 08, 2016 9:41 pm

I've created a Flamegraph of my chess program, see attached html-file (must be renamed).
I think it looks really cool and can be very useful for profiling the application!

Some statistics
- eval-function costs about 33%
- generating moves about 27%
- quiescence about 21%
- sorting about 9%
- SEE-function about 3%

Some extra info
- engine is written in java
- elo-score is about 2000-2100
- search was done till a depth of 12 and aborted when enough stack-dumps were created
- calculation was started at the chess start position
- LMR, IID, null-move and check-extensions were disabled because I wanted to focus on a 'clean' depth
- I used an NPM module called javaFlameGraph to create the graph (some hacking was needed...):
- method-inlining was disabled to show more info. this does influence the relative performance figures but not that much

What do you think?! :)
04 - flame -12-noinlining.txt
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