WinBoard 4.7.2 released

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WinBoard 4.7.2 released

Postby H.G.Muller » Fri Aug 30, 2013 9:19 am

The new version (4.7.2) of WinBoard is now available as binary install from WinBoard forum. ... 19&t=51528

This is a bug-fix version of the stable branch; there are no new features compared to 4.7.1. It fixes an important bug in one of the new features of the 4.7 branch, which prevented it to work, however: Converting a PGN file to book was broken, because my test for if the specified book file was already existing (so you might inadvertantly overwrite it) inadvertantly closed the PGN file that it was supposed to convert. :red:

Other bugs that were fixed are:
* The -zippyVariants option, which was broken by an earlier patch
* Use of GUI book in games that started from a setup position (where WinBoard erroneously thought the engine would need a 'go', even on a book hit)
* Setting of engine spin options to negative values (it is not possible to type a minus sign in a Windows numeric control)
* PGN parser fixes (long games with many long comments sometimes overflowed the buffer, and better resistance to non-PGM games with lots of garbage between the moves)
* Editing of opening bookscontaining promotions or drops
* Some cosmetic bugs manifesting themselves in rare situations (dragging of pieces, window placement)

What is new in the install is a .xop 'shortcut' file to start WinBoard for 'Big Chess' (on 16 x 16), and a hatched texture to facilitate creation of monchrome diagrams.
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