GUI hash limitations or limits on engines?

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GUI hash limitations or limits on engines?

Postby steamroller » Fri Jan 06, 2017 12:29 am

I have my old reliable Shredder11 where I used to load in the stockfish engine and Komodo.Later,I switched to the free Arena GUI with all those more complicated bells and whistles and loaded in both stockfish and Komodo again.

Now,I am no expert at all,but I noticed a big difference in what appears to be a change in maximum engine hash table size when loading in my stockfish into Shredder/fritz compared to loading the same engines in Arena.I believe that using shredder and stockfish8 shows a max of 3071 MB and when stockfish is placed in Arena 3.5.1,its like 3118.Does using different GUI's for the various chess programs place a limiting factor on engine hash strength availability?There does seem to be different hash available numbers in one GUI compared to another.

I'd rather load in Komodo and stockfish into my old shredder programs due to simplicity.But if engine strength is capped in any way or using different GUI's causes my engines to be limited in hash strength availability in any way,even slightly,I will simply stick with the more complicated Arena.
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