Stolen website sales a fake engine

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Stolen website sales a fake engine

Postby rick48author » Sun Apr 23, 2017 2:11 am

My name is Stanislaw W. Rostkowski and this is a critical warning for the chess community. My website has been stolen and a guy
started selling something which doesn't have anything to do with true Rick48 (still under development). I have sent the information to
and I hope they will suspend the domain as soon as possible. But I wouldn't like anybody to suffer losses and I am really sorry that has happened.
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Re: Stolen website sales a fake engine

Postby Rick48Team » Wed Apr 26, 2017 2:37 pm

For those interested;
We are currently selling the latest version of the most powerful and the best chess engine ever released; “Rick48_mgw_x5", which can handle positional analysis even better than Stockfish8 or any other competitive engine. Please visit our official Facebook fanpage since 2012 or contact us and take a glance at the tournaments results. Furthermore, we provide the pgn files of the games played by Rick48_mgw_x5.
The Winboard protocol used in Rick48 is a disadvantage as it reduces the usability of GUI for amateurs, but still there is no problem when installing in Arena.
The engine has been built by the whole Rick48's Team and there is not one Author of the program.
This troll or theft is probably going to replicate Rick48 or rebrand Ippolit clone and sell it on his own. We will draw consequences as determined in the provisions of law of this practice.

Rick48’s Team
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