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RelaxChess discount 9.95 USD

PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 11:06 am
by Richard1964

Temporarily You can purchase full RelaxChess game just for 9.95 USD. The latest release supports also WEB interface so You can play 3D chess also in your favourite browser. Besides that there are many chess engine improvements resulting in better performance and faster response. The main features of RelaxChess game
- 3 game levels
- Support for other UCI engines, possibility to watch engines tournaments
- 3 or 2 D interface
- web (browser) interface
- 8 personalized graphical themes
- 4 desktops (possible play 4 games at the same time)
- peer to peer architecture, possible to play on local networks
- save and replay the whole game on demand
- make the snapshots of the current game
- analyze the game step by step comparing your and suggested move
- chat and exchange the games for immediate replay
- watch the games being played on your network
- game clock support
- games start and end vocal announcements
- 12 languages support
- free online upgrade to later versions
- supports Windows Vista and later versions

The game can purchased at